10 Stress Management Tips Walnut Creek CA

10 More Stress Busters

Last week, we listed 20 Stress Management techniques you can do in between massage sessions. Here are 10 more to try:

10 Stress Management Tips Walnut Creek CA1. Play racquetball or tennis.

2. Take a nap, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

3. Take your breaks at work. Get outside or do simple stretches for 10 minutes.

4. Laugh. Watch comedies and read humorous books.

5. Try autosuggestion. Frequently repeat a suggestion to yourself such as “Head tall” or “Neck relaxed.” You don’t have to do anything, just say the words.

6. Take a warm shower, stretching your neck and shoulders slowly in the warm water.

7. Brush your hair from each temple to the base of the skull, and then down the center of your head.

8. Take a weekend, or even a morning, away from obligations and worries.

9. Express your creativity. Write down your memories or create an art project.

10. Honor a time and space for your own relaxation. Regular massage is a great way to develop this nurturing habit.

Which stress buster is your favorite technique?