Welcome to Loosen Up Bodywork

At Loosen up Bodywork, your goals are our goals.

We are a Sports and Rehabilitative massage therapy clinic that helps people achieve pain free movement through expert care and client education.  The services we offer include Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Lymphatic drainage, and many more.

This is not the passive, check out and relax kind of massage place.  We feel that getting you results is best accomplished when you participate, so we ask lots of questions to get to the root cause of your pain then develop a plan to help you get well.

What to Expect From Massage

Often clients come in for massage therapy seeking relief from pain, increased range-of-motion, as a preventative measure, or any combination of these  things. As we know, the list of health benefits from getting regular massage therapy is long.  So what exactly can clients expect from each massage session?

Our Massage Scope of Practice

Well the first part of this question has to do with our scope of practice as massage therapists.  While massage therapy does have many health benefits and we would be considered health professionals, we are not physical therapists or doctors.  We are not trained to diagnose or treat any physical conditions without a previous diagnosis.

So if you’re experiencing pain or limited range-of-motion that’s more severe than what you may experience after a slight change in activity level then you should see your doctor as soon as possible.  A diagnosis will help your massage therapist know exactly how to proceed with your massage session to maximize the health benefits you will experience.  If you cannot make it in to see your doctor before your massage, be sure to inform your therapist of exactly what you are experiencing.  You may want to call ahead of time to be sure that you are still able to continue with the session.

All Our Therapists are Experts

The second part of this question has to do with the individual therapist’s area of expertise.  Every therapist is trained in multiple modalities and usually  has one or two favorites that they take their continuing education in and practice the most.  Be sure to ask your therapist what techniques they specialize in and ask them to educate you on what you can expect from that sort of treatment.  If you already have a favorite therapist, ask them what techniques they use when you go in for your next session.  That way if your therapist is ever unavailable you can make sure you are scheduled with someone that has similar training.

The Bottom Line

Massage therapy is just a part of the picture when it comes to our health.  Most ailments that can be helped with massage therapy start in our daily lives. Ask your massage therapist how you may adjust activities that aggravate your body. The benefits you experience after your massage can last you a life time.

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