Pressure Isn’t Everything

When new clients call to schedule their first appointment, the conversation of which therapist to book with usually starts with what type of pressure each therapist provides. Of course, we understand how the pressure quality can impact the client experience. But more often, we find that the emphasis on communication and education are most effective in achieving the desired results without being overly aggressive. There are some instances where aggressive work is appropriate, but again, it’s often not the best way to obtain results.

Here’s why:

When we refer to “pressure,” we’re referring to the depth of force we are placing into the tissue. Once a certain amount of pressure is exceeded, the only thing we are accomplishing is displacement of skeletal structures and bruising of soft tissues. If our goal is to manipulate the soft tissue to increase circulation or length, we need only enough pressure to reach the desired layer. Then to facilitate circulation and stretch, we apply oblique force to the muscle or fascia we are targeting.

Therapists can use positioning, stretch, and the direction of force to achieve desired results without putting unnecessary strain on themselves or the client. This technique achieves results without unpleasant inflammatory side-effects like bruising, soreness, headache, or even nausea.

Another aspect of skill versus force or pressure is understanding what soft tissues are the underlying problem to begin with. If a client comes in whose symptoms suggest that inflammation is already present or a nerve is impinged, the therapist should avoid over-manipulating soft tissue, as that could exacerbate the problem.

All of our team train regularly to keep their technique and communication skills sharp so they can deliver results-oriented work in a safe manner for all who walk through our doors. If you think you or a loved one could benefit from our services and would like more information, we are always happy to have one of our therapists give you a call.


Stay moving, stay healthy, and enjoy the activities you love pain-free with a little help from our team here at Loosen Up.

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