Massage Services

Deep Tissue Massage:

A coined phrase that signifies area-specific bodywork with client feedback as opposed to passive relaxation massage. Less massage cream or oil is used to more precisely address the deeper tissue structure below the surface.

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Lymphatic Drainage:

This gentle modality is perfect for people recovering from illness or injury. It is designed to support the bodies own healing processes without being to invasive. For such a gentle modality, the results that many people experience are nothing short of amazing.

Myofascial Release:

A soft tissue therapy procedure used to treat restricted range-of-motion and pain.  Utilizing a variety of depths and oblique strokes, lengthening of the fascia surrounding the muscle tissue and increased circulation is achieved.

Neuromuscular (NMT):

Deep tissue work which evaluates patterns of discomfort to determine which muscles are distorting alignment to cause pain, and release these muscles systematically, layer by layer. It works to clear tissue adhesion.

Prenatal Massage:

Nurturing for the mother-to-be, this work relieves the physical stress of her changing body and hormones and provides a meditative space in which to attune with her child. Can be deep or light depending on need. Usually side-lying supported with pillows and on one’s back.


Translated from Japanese to English, Shiatsu means finger pressure. Pressure points are used with gentle stretching and the breath to rhythmically facilitate energy flow throughout the body.

Somatic Integration:

An instructional technique using a series of movements to bring awareness to an entire muscle group as opposed to placing the burden of movement on an individual muscle.

Sports Massage:

A vigorous form of massage tailored to athletes and active people that combines stretching, trigger points, and rocking and shaking to stimulate the body and promote quicker recovery after exercise. The muscle-tendon junctions are a particular focal point.


Swedish is for relaxation and to assist the body in healing. This is the mainstream oil or cream based western style massage. It helps alleviate stress and stiffness in the body. Typically a series of long strokes over the muscle tissue provide a soothing meditative experience.

Trigger Point:

Using direct pressure along with passive, active, and resisted movement, the therapist elicits local pain and local twitch responses to identify and release trigger points.

Tui Na:

Pressure point therapy developed in China based on acupuncture principles. Vibrational hand techniques are used on a specific series of points and meridians to relieve pain.