Ergonomics: Fixes for Neck and Wrists

Over the last year, the pandemic forced many people to switch from working in well laid-out and equipped offices to working from home. Some of you may even still be working from your kitchen tables. As massage therapists, we are frequently asked about how to avoid the recurring pain that creeps up as a result of less than ideal physical work environments.

I am not an ergonomics specialist, by any means, but I can offer clients some tips that may help reduce repetitive stress injuries. While creating a space that keeps our body in the most neutral position possible can be helpful, if you stay in any position long enough, it’s going to create problems. Try to incorporate frequent movement into your work routine. Even just a mild stretch or movement through our full range-of-motion can flush out metabolic waste and bring fresh blood to our tissue so it can continue to meet demand without fatiguing. Here are a few of my favorites.

Look over each shoulder
Tilt head side to side
Head circles each direction
Wrist circles both directions
Flex wrist with closed hand
Extend wrist with open hand
Shoulder circles forward and back

This little list of movements can be done once or twice an hour to really help support our muscles and structure when we are relying on them so much. I’ve included a link (below) to a video with a great condensed list of tips to try out at your workstation – wherever it might be. But remember, no matter how well thought-out your physical work environment is, our muscles require movement, so multiple mini breaks and regular exercise are always your best bets to keep your muscles happy.

Stay well,
All of us at Loosen Up Bodywork

Reopening Postponed

We have been informed that we will once again have to postpone the reopening of our studios. Due to rising positive tests and hospitalizations in our community, the Contra Costa Health Department is pushing back the reopening of all businesses that have not yet reopened in order to limit exposure in our community.

We were so excited to see all of your names on our schedules again but until we are able to get better control over the spread of Covid-19 in our area, we will once again have to reschedule. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your patience, cooperation, and support while we all navigate this unknown territory together.

Many of you have opted to keep your memberships rolling throughout this time in an effort to support us. While we greatly appreciate the support, we do not feel like it’s fair to continue to charge you unless we are able to begin offering services for those credits in the immediate future. So we will be putting holds on all memberships for July. If you wish to continue to support us you can purchase gift cards or even share the link to our gift card page with your friends and family.

We will still be offering video conference appointments and remain available by phone and by email to address any questions or concerns you may have. In the meantime, stay well and stay safe. Let’s all work together to get our community healthy again!


Gina Tibbs