Self-Care Tips

In the Hours After Your Massage

After a massage, you may notice a lot of changes going inside your body and mind that often bothers us. Fortunately, we have some tips for you to do after a massage in order to help you get its full benefit and reduce any possible soreness.

Self-Care Tips for After Your Massage


First, let’s address the possible soreness you might feel after a massage. This is common with Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, but it can also happen with lighter-pressure massage as well.

Massage is a type of passive exercise for your muscles. If your muscles are not used to the type of massage you requested, you may feel soreness within two days of your massage, just as if you were trying a new workout.

We recommend full communication with your therapist during your massage, especially if it’s your first time receiving a massage. Let your therapist how the pressure is. Massage should never feel painful. Open communication with your therapist will prevent excessive soreness after your massage.

Care for Specific Injuries

If you had a massage that focused on a particular body part or injury, take action on the advice your massage therapist gave you. You may have been advised to stretch or apply a warm or cold compress. Sometimes your massage therapist will even recommend walking after a massage to stimulate your muscles. Ask your massage therapist for customized self-care tips for injury recovery.

Drink More Water

A massage improves the circulation around the body, stimulating the continuous removal of wastes from fatigued muscles and stressed tissues. Not only does drinking water reduce the feeling of exhaustion and soreness after a massage but it also helps the kidneys to function well and relieve wastes effectively.

Take a Bath

Taking a warm bath with Epsom salts while doing some stretching can help alleviate the pain. Remember to always discuss this with your massage therapist so that necessary adjustments can be done during the next sessions.