Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Walnut Creek CA 94595Deep tissue is a type of massage with a purpose of therapeutic benefits that may include decreased muscle tension, pain and adhesions (commonly called “knots”). Less massage cream is used to more precisely address the deeper tissue structure below the surface.

Deep tissue actually does not mean “deep pressure” massage. If you prefer a more relaxing-type of massage, you can request a “deep Swedish” massage. Deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of the muscles using a variety of massage techniques.

Deep tissue may require more feedback from you on pressure and pain levels than a passive relaxation massage, like Swedish. However, a proper deep tissue massage should never hurt or be painful. If you receive deep tissue massages often or are active in fitness or sports, your massage pressure threshold will differ from someone who’s more sedentary.

The more times you receive a massage from the same massage therapist, the more he or she will get to know your preferences and muscle needs. Our therapists also take detailed SOAP notes, so when you return, the communication between you and your massage therapist picks up from your last appointment.