Deep Tissue Massage Walnut Creek CA 94595

Get the Most Out of Your Massage with Great Communication

Good communication with your massage therapist is essential to get the most out of your massage

Deep Tissue Massage Walnut Creek CA 94595Before your massage starts, tell your massage therapist what your needs are. Where are you feeling pain, tension or discomfort? Have you had any recent injuries or surgeries?

During the session, report any discomfort, whether it is from the massage or due to any problems or distractions in the environment, like lighting, room temperature, or music volume.

Feel free to give any feedback to the massage therapist regarding the massage including the amount of pressure or speed of movement.

As you repeat your sessions with your personal massage therapist, he or she will get to know your preferences as well as get to know your body to develop a personalized and customized massage session for you.