Trigger Point Work

Do you have tension in your muscles that cause you pain when you move? Then you may be dealing with a trigger point. Loosen Up Bodywork in Walnut Creek, CA is here to help you better understand what these knots are and how to prevent them. Keep reading to learn how we can help you get rid of these spots of muscle tension then contact us to set up your appointment!

Man in green shirt holding is shoulder in pain

What Are Trigger Points?

A trigger point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body. These points, also called knots, can be sensitive to the touch. When pressure is applied to these areas, it often feels as though the muscle tension is referring pain to other parts of your body.

Woman wearing black shirt holding her neck in pain

What Causes Trigger Points?

Anytime overworked or injured muscle fibers become unable to relax, a  mini contraction may form that stretches the muscle band on either side of the knot, resulting in pain. A number of things can cause these trigger points to form, including:

  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive motions
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness

Woman cyclist on her bike taking a break and holding her shoulder

How Can You Prevent Trigger Points?

If you find that you are frequently having to deal with trigger points, you may need to make key changes to your lifestyle to help prevent them. Regular stretching and exercise, better nutrition, and quality sleep can all help you avoid these painful muscle knots.

Older man in blue shirt and khakis sitting on couch holding his shoulder in pain

Loosen Up Bodywork Can Help

To get rid of your trigger points, you may need to see a professional massage therapist. At Loosen Up Bodywork, we provide both deep tissue and myofascial release massages that can help loosen these knots and eliminate them completely. Schedule an appointment with us today to start feeling yourself again!

Stop letting the pain of trigger points control your life and get the professional help you need from Loosen Up Bodywork! With our wide selection of massage techniques, you can finally get the relief you need. Schedule now!