What are the Benefits of Myofascial Release Massage?

At Loosen Up Bodywork, we provide sports and rehabilitative massage to help our clients achieve pain-free movement. One of the massage services that we offer is Myofascial release massage. Even though it is one of the most common forms of massage—and accessible in your own home—many people do not recognize the benefits of myofascial release massage. Here are some of the many benefits of myofascial release massage! For some of the best sports massage services in San Ramon, reach out to us today!

What is Myofascial Release Massage?

Myofascial release massage is a form of massage that targets the connective tissue within your muscles to release tightness and relieve pain. Myofascial tissue spreads throughout your body, presenting a great opportunity to not only target a specific part of your body, but also relieve pain and tightness in just about every area of your body. Pain that has to do with myofascial tissue occurs where this tissue intersects. At Lesson Up Bodywork, we are able to target this tissue and relieve tightness all over your body.

Reduces Pain

By getting a myofascial release massage, you can loosen up tight muscles and release soreness from physical or other kinds of activities. After you workout or participate in any athletic activity, your muscles have likely undergone stress, and that soreness is the result of them becoming more used to physical activity. By getting a myofascial release massage, that soreness can be worked out of a muscle and accelerate your recovery process.

Reduces Stress

Tight muscles are a huge cause of stress. Just think of the last time you had someone rub your back or neck. Did you feel less stressed afterward? Odds are the answer to that question is ‘yes.’ Myofascial massage can help to release tightness in your muscles that may be causing emotional tension in addition to physical tension. Reach out to us today if you are in need of a relaxing massage.

Improves Your Range of Motion

Flexibility is vital in any athletic endeavor. Being flexible can help you to perform better and protect you from injury. But, when muscles and the surrounding tissue become tight, flexibility will drop off slightly. Getting a myofascial release massage can loosen up those muscles and help your flexibility to recover. With regular myofascial massages, your range of motion can actually improve past its current state. If you are looking to become more flexible, getting regular myofascial release massages can help your flexibility to grow!

At Loosen Up Bodywork, we are committed to helping you recover and grow your athletic abilities. From myofascial release and trigger point massage to lymphatic drainage and more, we offer a wide variety of services to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Schedule an appointment and book your myofascial massage today!