Lymphatic Drainage and sprains strains

Lymphatic Drainage and Sprains / Strains

Recently, on a hike in the Sierra foothills, I strained the tendons in my foot. I was convinced it was broken by the bruising and swelling that presented, but the X-rays proved otherwise. Fortunately, I knew just where to go to get some great bodywork to help patch me up and keep me going!

A few days after my injury I was having my worst pain yet. My foot was incredibly swollen, painful, and I couldn’t walk without limping – even with the walking boot on. I saw Janel for a short lymphatic drainage massage session. Twenty minutes was all we could fit in that day.

An hour later the swelling had gone down dramatically! I could walk without a limp (even without the boot) and the internal pain in my foot had gone from an 8 out of 10 – to a 2. Initially, the doctor had recommended 2 weeks in the boot than 2 weeks in a brace with a shoe. After one more lymphatic drainage massage treatment, only 2 weeks after the initial injury I was able to make it out to a 14-mile mountain bike/camping trip with no problems at all.

I cannot recommend lymphatic drainage massage enough for sprains and strains!

I’ve had this experience a few times now and it blows me away, every time, at just how effective it is. Even swelling lingering from sprains that are years old can still benefit from this work.

If you have any questions and want advice regarding massage, don’t hesitate to contact us at Loosen Up Bodywork.

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