Lymphatic Drainage Massage

People often have a lot of questions about lymphatic drainage massage (LDM).  Most people probably don’t even know exactly what the lymphatic system is.  If you have ever felt “swollen glands” in your neck at the first sign of a cold, then you have felt your lymphatic system at work.  The lymph system is our very own specialized immune system.  It stores antibodies to every germ you have ever come into contact with.  It’s also responsible for regulating the quality and amount of fluid provided to all of tissues that isn’t blood.

This powerful modality reduces edema and swelling to help speed up recovery time from injuries and surgery, helps maintain healthy tissue in people who have had serious trauma, or even functions as a support to general health during and after cancer treatments.
LDM is an extremely relaxing modality to receive.  The gentle rhythmic nature of this modality sends most people who receive it into a relaxed state of bliss in minutes.  The benefit of the stress reduction alone makes this modality a powerful tool in promoting health.
Schedule your LDM session today and see how relaxing promoting your health can be. For more information about lymphatic drainage massage follow this link to How to Cleanse the Lymph System (courtesy of; note: the opinions expressed are those of the author).

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