Interns at Loosen Up Bodywork

At Loosen Up Bodywork, we believe in education.

In partnership with select local massage therapy schools, we host massage therapy students to come in and observe our processes. This exposes students to the real world of a massage therapy practice like ours that’s different from the typical spa setting.

We also offer intern positions here at Loosen Up. For our clients, that means appointments for clinical- and sports-style massage with intern therapists with prices up to 40% less than our regular appointments.

All massage therapy interns have 400+ hours of coursework and practice and provide excellent care. But, we don’t have interns all the time. So, when you’re looking for clinical or sports massage care and you see intern appointments available, book them while you can!

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Even with 400+ hours under their belts, interns still need additional mentoring to meet the standards of our staff therapists. (Maybe that helps you appreciate just how amazing our staff therapists are!)

Interns who complete their coursework, California state certification, and a practical exam with one of our lead therapists are eligible for promotion to staff therapist.