Client Resources

Whether arriving at Loosen Up Bodywork for the first time or as a returning client,  you will receive the highest quality service and health education by our massage therapists in order to take charge of your own health and well-being.

Due to the extensive training and emphasis on teaching and empowerment, our staff provides the resources you need to manage and take charge of your health and fitness. This includes resources to prevent injury and manage muscle fatigue.

We look forward to responding to your request for resources. Perhaps there is a class you would like to attend or additional information you would like to receive – let us know – we occasionally offer classes and monitor classes being offered in areas close to where you live. Contact us to find out more. A frequent request is for information about foam rollers – proper selection, use, positioning and more. Read more about foam rolling by clicking here. We trust this resource will be helpful and welcome your input and questions after reading this guide. Please consider sharing it with those you know who may benefit.