Self-Care for Your Feet & Ankles

Foot & Leg Massage in Walnut CreekIf you work all day standing or walking, you can feel exhausted at the end of the day with sore and tired feet. Here are some tips to take great care of your feet and feel more refreshed in the afternoon.

Comfortable Shoes

Wear supportive, comfortable shoes with flexible soles. If you can’t wear athletic shoes at work, see your doctor, podiatrist or chiropractor for advice on custom foot support for your shoes.


Water Exercise

Instead of running or walking, try adding swimming or water aerobics to your exercise program. You’ll get a great overall body workout without adding further stress to your feet and legs.


Relaxing Foot Bath

At the end of your work day, soak your feet and ankles in warm water with Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and/or rosemary. Enjoy this refreshing soak for at least 10 minutes and allow the warmth, salts and oils relax your muscles.


Self-Massage for Your Feet

Use a massage ball or even a golf ball to massage your soles of your feet. While you’re sitting, step on the ball, and roll it under your feet. Adjust the pressure as needed by slightly lifting your leg. Notice if there are any tender or tight spots. Roll the ball slowly to massage your feet.


Therapeutic Massage for Your Feet & Legs

Nothing beats a therapeutic massage by a skilled massage therapist. Book a regular massage for the ultimate self-care for your feet and legs.

Loosen Up Bodywork and Massage in Walnut Creek!

Walnut Creek Massage Studio We’ve arrived in Walnut Creek!!

We’ve arrived!!! In so many more ways than just moving our location. We are all settled in our new home in Walnut Creek. One client has already described our place as “magical”.

Our noise problem has officially been fixed and the transition has been
seamless. It is so nice to be back in a warm and less clinical environment.

There are many health and beauty services offered at our new space. As we learn more about them, we will keep you posted.

What is Prenatal Massage?

Walnut Creek Pregnancy MassageWho better deserves and needs a great massage than a mother-to-be?

Pregnancy can be a very stressful time in a woman’s life, on the physical level as well as on the emotional. Prenatal massage is beneficial for both the body and the mind by increasing the blood and lymph circulation, relaxing the body and easing the mind.

Prenatal massage relieves common pregnancy symptoms including muscle cramps, spasms and myofascial pain of the lower back, neck, shoulders, hips and legs, swelling of the extremities (arms, hands, legs and feet), sleep difficulties and the psychological turmoil (stress, anxiety, fear and restlessness).

Many independent studies have conclusively shown that the positively beneficial effects of massage therapy during pregnancy also benefit the growing child in the mother’s womb as well as resulting in an easier labor and in a less painful delivery.


What is the difference between Pregnancy Massage and any other massage?

Well, there are a number of very important differences which should not be overlooked. And due to those differences, therapists who perform massage therapy on pregnant women must be specially trained and certified accordingly, and they must always take those extra few precautionary measures:

  • Pregnancy Massage should not be performed until the first trimester of the pregnancy has been concluded because the increased blood circulation may lead to dizziness and a worsening of the existing morning sickness symptoms.


  • Positioning of the pregnant woman is detrimental to her safety and the safety of the child she is carrying. The pregnant woman should lie on her side and switch sides in midsession to make both her hips available for the massage treatment. A wide variety of pillows (body pillows and extra padding pillows) set in a few strategic places under the pregnant womans body can greatly add to her comfort.


  • Important safety measures: The pregnant woman must never lie directly on her belly and the flat, horizontal table with the hole for the belly must never be used as it inflicts too much stress on her lower back.

  • There are certain parts of the pregnant woman’s body that must never be massaged or pressed; both sides of the ankles as well as the webbing between the thumbs and the index fingers are pressure points that can induce early labor when exposed to sustained pressure.



For the great majority of the time, Pregnancy Massages are perfectly safe and much advised. However under certain very specific conditions Pregnancy Massages should not be attempted without consulting a medical specialist and those conditions may be: women who are at risk of preterm labor and women with blood clots or related blood clotting disorders.


Loosen Up Bodywork has two massage therapists specializing in prenatal massage. Call (925) 289-9750 to schedule your appointment or order a gift certificate or book a prenatal massage appointment online.

Massage – The Perfect Gift for Yourself

Massage is the perfect gift to give yourself for the holidays. Receiving a massage is a great strategy for holiday survival to lower your blood pressure and help you endure the jam-packed stores.

Hitting the ice skating rink? Enhance your athletic performance as you display your Olympian ice skating talent. Massage can also help treat your injury after that athletic performance.

Visitors staying over? Give yourself the gift of peace and quiet when you have all the relatives in your home.

Visiting others? Relieve overused muscles from holiday travel.

Partying it up? Increase your joint flexibility to demonstrate your macarena expertise at the company party.

Trying to not get sick? Stimulate your lymphatic system, the body’s natural defense against disease, to decrease the chances of getting sick during the holidays.

Stressed out? Massage can help you sleep extra peacefully.

SAD with Seasonal Affective Disorder? If you are feeling the holiday blues a massage may assist in alleviating depression.


For all of these reasons it may be the most thoughtful gift you can give a loved one as well. It is the gift that keeps on giving. This season, don’t overlook yourself, give to yourself, and let us give to you. Happy Holidays!


Save Your Back with Mindful Movement

Massage in Pleasant Hill for Back PainGood posture, exercise & correct body mechanics help keep your back to be strong & flexible. The muscles, ligaments & discs of your back do a big job, supporting your spine & moving the weight of your body.


Help protect your back with mindful movement:

1. Spread your feet shoulder width apart for stability when moving or working. Stand evenly on both feet, with your knees slightly bent.


2. Practice feeling your center of gravity in your abdomen. Many people try to move from their upper bodies, which is less efficient than moving from your pelvis, hips, and abdomen (also known as your core).

Practice strengthening exercises for your abdomen. Take a class or ask for advice from your personal trainer or pilates instructor.


3. When lifting, stand close to the load, squat & use your legs to lift it, keeping your back upright & the object close to your body. Avoid twisting as you lift.


4. Kneel down on one knee to retrieve something from the floor.


5. When reaching for an object overhead, keep your shoulders and hips facing it—don’t twist.


Massage can help with posture by stretching shortened muscles and fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and other tissues), freeing movement around the joints, & relieving muscle contractions that can pull you out of alignment.


Loosen Up Bodywork’s certified massage therapists specialize in deep tissue, sports massage & NMT, to provide the highest quality massage therapy for our clients. Book a massage appointment at our Pleasant Hill massage studio online or call (925) 289-9750.