Relieve Chronic Foot Pain with Massage Therapy

Walnut Creek Sports MassageI am constantly amazed by the results and accomplishments our clients make. From triathlons and other athletic achievements to just gaining a little more range of motion after being in pain for years.

Pushing our bodies past their current comfort zone with exercise, massage, or stretching is never easy. It challenges us emotionally, physically, and mentally. I am privileged to be in a profession that allows me to be part of each clients story of accomplishment that arrives at my table. Here is one of our recent

Kelly Barry was referred to Loosen up Bodywork for pain and tension from running and cycling. During his intake he mentioned he had been experiencing foot pain for over 10 years which he assumed was never going to go away and he had just learned to live with. He was open to trying anything that may give him some relief so I suggested a reflexology treatment. After just one session, Kelly reported complete relief from his stubborn foot pain.

That initial session was almost a year ago now and Kelly has maintained his running and cycling pain free ever since. He continues to schedule maintenance treatments monthly to make sure that it never gets to that point again. He and his wife keep up an above average exercise routine including marathons and bike races with confidence that they won’t ever have to guess about their pains again.

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Self-Care for Your Feet & Ankles

Foot & Leg Massage in Walnut CreekIf you work all day standing or walking, you can feel exhausted at the end of the day with sore and tired feet. Here are some tips to take great care of your feet and feel more refreshed in the afternoon.

Comfortable Shoes

Wear supportive, comfortable shoes with flexible soles. If you can’t wear athletic shoes at work, see your doctor, podiatrist or chiropractor for advice on custom foot support for your shoes.


Water Exercise

Instead of running or walking, try adding swimming or water aerobics to your exercise program. You’ll get a great overall body workout without adding further stress to your feet and legs.


Relaxing Foot Bath

At the end of your work day, soak your feet and ankles in warm water with Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and/or rosemary. Enjoy this refreshing soak for at least 10 minutes and allow the warmth, salts and oils relax your muscles.


Self-Massage for Your Feet

Use a massage ball or even a golf ball to massage your soles of your feet. While you’re sitting, step on the ball, and roll it under your feet. Adjust the pressure as needed by slightly lifting your leg. Notice if there are any tender or tight spots. Roll the ball slowly to massage your feet.


Therapeutic Massage for Your Feet & Legs

Nothing beats a therapeutic massage by a skilled massage therapist. Book a regular massage for the ultimate self-care for your feet and legs.