Backpacks and Your Child

Pediatricians, physical therapists and massage therapists are seeing more
young patients complaining of neck and back pain due to an overloaded
backpack. The American Academy of Pediatrics says a backpack should
never weigh more than 10 to 20 percent of a student’s body weight. Even
so, your child should have a well-fitting backpack and use it correctly to
avoid discomfort and injury. For instance, when bending down, it is
important to bend at the knees instead of the waist if you are wearing a


Do your children have a locker where they can store books they’re not
using? Maybe they can make more frequent locker stops between classes.
Talk to their teachers if necessary to explain why they may be late by a
minute or two. Must they carry all their books every day? Some schools
are providing two sets of textbooks so they can keep one at home and one
at school. Ask about this option.


When your children put on their backpacks, notice if they are leaning
forward. If so, it is too heavy. Go through the packs to see what can be
left at home or school. Then work with your children in adjusting straps
and settling the pack properly on the body. If it still is not working,
consider purchasing a better pack.


Some children like pulling a pack on wheels, which really gets the
weight off the back. Another option is an individually fitted internal
frame backpack designed to make packing easier on the body. Hip and
chest straps like the ones on hiking backpacks can take the weight off the
upper back and shoulders. The shoulders and back should be padded for
comfort. The shoulder straps should be worn on both sides and tightened,
so that the pack is held close to the body.


If your daughter or son already has problems, see your health practitioner
right away. Also, one of the best known benefits of massage is in helping
to relieve muscle spasms and improve posture. Massage will have limited
effects, however, unless other changes are made.

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