Our New, Larger Massage Studio in Walnut Creek

New Walnut Creek Massage StudioOur New Location, It has been so exciting to see my visions for Loosen Up unfold before my eyes. We wouldn’t be here without the help of our family, friends, staff, and of course you!

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that has participated and lent a hand in putting our new location together. It’s been a lot of work but we now have the space that we’ve needed to grow the Loosen Up family into to.

Speaking of growing families, I am happy to announce that Bryan and I will be having a baby at the end of March.

I want to give all of you a heads up because I will be cutting my hours back temporarily in January and taking a couple of months off of doing bodywork. I will still be around supporting our new staff, hosting trainings, and answering any questions for you.

By that time we will have 5 other therapists for you to chose from to work with in my absence. Sean has taken on more availability and has developed into our go-to therapist for direct pressure work. Karen is available now and has an amazing knowledge base of both movement and bodywork. Carina is available and has quite the background in Sports and Deep Tissue massage.


Robin is available Saturdays and has over 12 years of massage therapy experience. And last but not least, Teresa will be joining us in December. While Teresa can practice many techniques, her real talent is myofascial release and deep tissue. I will also provide recommendations for you by request.



Gina Tibbs, Walnut Creek Massage TherapistYour partner in health,

Gina Tibbs

7 Effective Steps for Managing Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress Management in Walnut CreekThe holidays can bring a lot of stress — high expectations, one too many parties, out-of town guests,…

Learning to manage stress is the first step to prevent overwhelm.

Try these seven steps to effectively manage holiday stress:


  1. Get a good night’s sleep.
    Your body repairs itself during while you are sleeping. Most people need seven to nine hours a night, especially if you have an unusually busy day.Also, if you’re more introverted, being around people constantly, whether it’s crowded shopping malls, or a holiday party, you’ll also need more rest and quiet time than usual.
  2. Keep up your exercise routine.
    It’s easy to skip your workouts when you have a busy week. However, exercise helps you to use oxygen more efficiently and gets more oxygen to the brain. It’ll increase your focus, which may help you see solutions to problems rather than simply worrying about them.  It can also increase your stamina as you rush from the office to shopping to home to parties, etc.If  you do have a major time crunch, try a high-intensity 10-minute workout you can do at home. (We recommend these fitness reports from Transform FX Fitness.)
  3. Meditate.
    Meditation isn’t about chanting mantras. Meditation can be in the form of yoga.  Or you can take five minutes of deep breathing and clearing your mind.
  4. Manage the worry.
    When you feel your pulse start to quicken, count backwards from ten. As you count, focus on the situation. What has actually happened? Resist the urge to read anything more into the situation.
  5. Limit your alcohol intake.
    You might think that the glass of wine is relaxing your tension, but alcohol is actually a depressant. In can also be harder to face another busy day if you’re recovering from a long night.
  6. Enjoy relaxing activities.
    Stress, noise, people can rob you of your energy. Do something you enjoy that’s relaxing as well like painting, reading or listening to music.
  7. Pre-book your massage.
    Look forward to time just for you by scheduling your massage early.  Think about it as a reward for getting through a stressful holiday season!

It’s no wonder that a time that’s meant for giving and celebrations, we might forget to take care of ourselves first.  Prevent as much holiday stress as possible by taking these seven steps.


What’s your favorite way to prevent holiday stress?

Get the Most Out of Your Massage with Great Communication

Good communication with your massage therapist is essential to get the most out of your massage

Deep Tissue Massage Walnut Creek CA 94595Before your massage starts, tell your massage therapist what your needs are. Where are you feeling pain, tension or discomfort? Have you had any recent injuries or surgeries?

During the session, report any discomfort, whether it is from the massage or due to any problems or distractions in the environment, like lighting, room temperature, or music volume.

Feel free to give any feedback to the massage therapist regarding the massage including the amount of pressure or speed of movement.

As you repeat your sessions with your personal massage therapist, he or she will get to know your preferences as well as get to know your body to develop a personalized and customized massage session for you.


A Happier, Healthier Community!

Gina Tibbs, Walnut Creek Massage TherapistAfter taking a some time off last month, I had the opportunity to step back and observe what Loosen up Bodywork has become.

What I see is an interconnected community of people committed to making the most out of their lives, that also recognize a healthy body and mind are the only way to achieve that goal.

I want to congratulate and thank each of you for being a part of this collective energy. It never would have become a reality without you.

Our next foam roller class will be at Sports Basement in the loft as usual on 5/31 at 7:00. Remember these classes are always free and they are great
opportunity to build on the bodywork that you are already doing. Just bring a mat or a towel and a 3’ long, 6” round foam roller.

Also, Don’t forget that Mothers day is around the corner so if your mom shares your commitment to living each day to its fullest you can help support her with a gift from us. You can purchase them online and print up the massage gift certificate from our website our come in a get a pretty gift card at our office.

Spring Cleaning for Your Body

Body Wrap Massage in Walnut Creek CASpring is a great time for clearing out the cobwebs that have collected over the winter, not only in our homes but in our bodies as well. The warmer weather and extra sunlight provide the perfect environment to increase your body’s own natural detoxifying abilities.


A body wrap or scrub can kick start that process and get you on track for being bathing suit ready by summer. I used to think of body wraps as a fluffy, luxury treatment.


But after teaching hydrotherapy for the last three years and going on a kind of “favorite body wrap hunt” myself, I’ve realized that they are another powerful tool to help people achieve their health goals. The days of the body wrap being the main focus of a treatment are over.


Now you can add a wrap to any massage service. It costs $20 more and only takes 30 minutes total from your session.


Some of the benefits you may experience include the release of metabolic wastes and toxins, smoother, more even toned skin, a boost to your immune system and much more.


When you get a wrap from Loosen Up Bodywork, you also get the same therapeutic massage treatment you expect. The wrap is simply an added service with the focus still being on keeping you pain free.