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Benefits of Massage for Muscle Recovery & Reducing Inflammation

Massage as a non-drug therapy has a promising potential to not…

Gadgets – Our New Addiction

We cannot deny that the society is dealing with the fast innovation…
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Get the Most Out of Your Massage with Great Communication

Good communication with your massage therapist is essential to…
Foam Roller for Self Myofascial Release

June Foam Roller Class in Walnut Creek

By now, some of our regular foam roller students know how the…
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Relieve Chronic Foot Pain with Massage Therapy

I am constantly amazed by the results and accomplishments our…
10 Stress Management Tips Walnut Creek CA

10 More Stress Busters

Last week, we listed 20 Stress Management techniques you can…
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20 Stress Busters

Get more of out your massage by managing your stress in between…

A Happier, Healthier Community!

After taking a some time off last month, I had the opportunity…