Benefits of Massage for Muscle Recovery & Reducing Inflammation

man massageMassage as a non-drug therapy has a promising potential to not only help athletes with weary muscles, but also people with chronic conditions related to inflammation, like muscular dystrophy or arthritis. These results are based on a study by Justin Crane, a doctoral student at the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University.

Although massage is already an accepted form of therapy to relieve pain and muscle strain, researchers found that massage can also trigger the biochemical sensors, which are responsible in sending signals to muscle cells that can reduce inflammation.

Massage sends a signal to muscles to create more mitochondria, which is the the cell’s power center and has a vital role in healing.

Crane said that nobody has ever tried to look inside the human muscle and find out what is going on during a massage, including the biochemical effects.

He added that their study showed how the muscles senses when they are being stretched and reduces the cells’ inflammatory response. As a result, massage could be helpful to hasten recovery from injury.

Crane further stated that researchers in McMaster were the first to test the effect of manual therapy such as massage, with the use of muscle biopsy to prove that massage can reduce inflammation, which is a primary factor in numerous chronic diseases.
This particular research came out in the Science Translational Medicine’s February 2012 issue which has involved the participation of eleven men in their twenties as subjects of their study.


Gadgets – Our New Addiction

We cannot deny that the society is dealing with the fast innovation of technology today.

To cope with these technological advances, we have embraced the use of these gadgets – smart phones, tablets, notebooks and other similar items.

Due to this, people have developed a strong urge to keep themselves connected to the point of getting addicted.

Have you, in any way, felt anxious and tensed upon learning that you have left any of your gadgets (particularly, cellphone) at home?  I bet you did! Most people believe that they cannot run their lives normally without getting connected.  These gadgets literally run the lives of most of us.

Most users of these gadgets already got hooked.  They spend most of their time glued on their smart phones, androids, tablets, laptops, the social networks and whatnot.  The habit of checking them even before bedtime is a ritual.  In that case, you ought to blame that habit if you wake up feeling exhausted with raccoon eyes and puffy eye bags rather than revitalized and healthful.

Based on studies, majority of gadget users sleep with their phones under their pillows or on their bed, without realizing that this practice causes sleep deprivation.

It was found out that the phone’s light restrain melatonin, which induces sleep. It will also,for sure, wake you up from that much needed slumber due to a buzz or a tone.

However, even with this predicament, people admit that even during the wee hours of the night, their first instinct is to grab and check their mobile phones in case they have been awakened.

At present, several studies are being conducted to find out the reason of this addiction.  It is a growing concern of this present time since our society is suffering from a number of social and health issues caused by this so-called tech addiction.

Badgets in Bed Infographic
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