Tips for Preventing RSI: Repetitive Strain Injuries

Tips for Preventing RSI at Your Desk | Walnut Creek MassageRepetitive strain injury (RSI) (also known as repetitive stress injury), is often caused by repetitive motions at work, especially for people who work at a desk and use a computer all day.

Here are tips to relieving repetitive strain at your desk:

1. Decrease Repetitive Tasks

Can you rotate your day’s activities or even rotate roles with your co-workers? Switching to different tasks allow you to use different muscles and decrease the strain to the same set of muscles you usually use every day.

2. Decrease Computer time

Can you cut back time at your computer? Can you use a program like Dragon Naturally Speaking and dictate your documents without having to type? Can you decrease your recreational computer usage so your body can rest during your off-hours?

3. Improve Your Desk Ergonomics

A better workplace design can prevent poor posture, overreaching for our mouse or keyboard or viewing your monitor at awkward angles.

4. Stretch!

Every time you complete a task, take two minutes to stretch your wrists, forearms and your neck. Circle your shoulders foward, up toward your ears and back.

5. Mini-Breaks

Every hour take a five to ten-minute break. Walk to the other side of your office and get a glass of water. Or take a quick break outside and walk around your building. When you get back you’ll feel refreshed and focused for the next hour.

6. Breathe!

Remember to take deep breaths throughout the day. Imagine breathing into your arms, neck and shoulders. Be mindful of where you hold tension and imagine your muscles letting go with each exhale.

These steps can help you feel flexible and relaxed, even as you work, and help prevent repetitive stress injuries.

Self-Care for Your Feet & Ankles

Foot & Leg Massage in Walnut CreekIf you work all day standing or walking, you can feel exhausted at the end of the day with sore and tired feet. Here are some tips to take great care of your feet and feel more refreshed in the afternoon.

Comfortable Shoes

Wear supportive, comfortable shoes with flexible soles. If you can’t wear athletic shoes at work, see your doctor, podiatrist or chiropractor for advice on custom foot support for your shoes.


Water Exercise

Instead of running or walking, try adding swimming or water aerobics to your exercise program. You’ll get a great overall body workout without adding further stress to your feet and legs.


Relaxing Foot Bath

At the end of your work day, soak your feet and ankles in warm water with Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and/or rosemary. Enjoy this refreshing soak for at least 10 minutes and allow the warmth, salts and oils relax your muscles.


Self-Massage for Your Feet

Use a massage ball or even a golf ball to massage your soles of your feet. While you’re sitting, step on the ball, and roll it under your feet. Adjust the pressure as needed by slightly lifting your leg. Notice if there are any tender or tight spots. Roll the ball slowly to massage your feet.


Therapeutic Massage for Your Feet & Legs

Nothing beats a therapeutic massage by a skilled massage therapist. Book a regular massage for the ultimate self-care for your feet and legs.

More Studies Show the Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage Walnut Creek CA 94595A recent Wall Street Journal article reported on scientific studies on massage therapy. One huge benefit from the research is that it could increase insurance coverage for massage.

Another benefit is the increased legitimacy of massage,  not only for pampering, but an  integral part of your Holistic Self-Care Routine.

Some of the highlighted results include:

  • People who receive massage once a week for 10 weeks had less pain & disability than those who didn’t. Some benefits lasted more than 9 months after the last treatment.
  • A full-body massage boosted immune function and lowered heart rate and blood pressure in women with breast cancer undergoing radiation treatment.
  • A 10-minute massage upped mitochondria production, and reduced proteins associated with inflammation in muscles that had been exercised to exhaustion.


The article gives helpful tips on finding a qualified massage therapist. At Loosen Up Bodywork, all of our massage therapists have over 500 hours of training and are Certified and Licensed by the State of California. We guarantee that our clients will love the quality and care our massage therapists provide.


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Foam Roller & Myofascial Release Class in Walnut Creek March 21

Foam Roller for Self Myofascial Release Many people have complaints about constant tightness that no amount of yoga, exercises or stretching can seam to relieve. For people who suffer with these issues, the first thing I do is introduce them to the foam roller. This inexpensive, simple and effective tool gives them instant relief and can be used out of the comfort of their home.

Some of the benefits you can get from using the foam roller are:

– Decreased back pain
– Reduced knee pain
– Improved posture*
– More efficient exercise and exercise form
– Reduced muscle spasm and cramps

* Posture is where all our movement comes from. Foam rolling can help relieve muscle tightness and help you perform full range of motion during your workouts and everyday physical tasks.

Register online for another evening full of information about how to keep your body moving and pain free on March 21st at the Sports Basement Walnut Creek.