Save Your Back with Mindful Movement

Massage in Pleasant Hill for Back PainGood posture, exercise & correct body mechanics help keep your back to be strong & flexible. The muscles, ligaments & discs of your back do a big job, supporting your spine & moving the weight of your body.


Help protect your back with mindful movement:

1. Spread your feet shoulder width apart for stability when moving or working. Stand evenly on both feet, with your knees slightly bent.


2. Practice feeling your center of gravity in your abdomen. Many people try to move from their upper bodies, which is less efficient than moving from your pelvis, hips, and abdomen (also known as your core).

Practice strengthening exercises for your abdomen. Take a class or ask for advice from your personal trainer or pilates instructor.


3. When lifting, stand close to the load, squat & use your legs to lift it, keeping your back upright & the object close to your body. Avoid twisting as you lift.


4. Kneel down on one knee to retrieve something from the floor.


5. When reaching for an object overhead, keep your shoulders and hips facing it—don’t twist.


Massage can help with posture by stretching shortened muscles and fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and other tissues), freeing movement around the joints, & relieving muscle contractions that can pull you out of alignment.


Loosen Up Bodywork’s certified massage therapists specialize in deep tissue, sports massage & NMT, to provide the highest quality massage therapy for our clients. Book a massage appointment at our Pleasant Hill massage studio online or call (925) 289-9750.

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