Get what you pay for

Have you ever tried out a destination spa while on vacation or at home and been disappointed after spending double and sometimes even triple what you would normally spend for a visit to your local massage therapist?  I’ve had many of my clients come back from vacation reporting this very scenario.  12 years ago I worked for a hotel spa in Carlsbad, CA.  The pay and the breaks were minimal and I got the impression that my career as a massage therapist would resemble an assembly line.  After speaking with a group of other therapists at a class we took together this weekend I learned that not much has changed.  Due to the extremely high overhead of running a destination spa, they hire brand new therapists, pay them very little, and work them as much as they can for as long as they can.  After 4 hours of giving firm swedish massage the strength in your hands drops significantly and the average shift in these spas is 7-8 hours long.

Massage therapy is still a great addition to your travel plans.  Carrying luggage, sleeping in different beds and  spending long periods of time sitting can be hard on our bodies.  So the next time you plan a trip I recommend scheduling a session before your trip as a preventative measure.  You’ll be feeling great and avoiding the disappointment of paying more for a massage from an inexperienced therapist.  Plus you will have some extra spending money in your pocket.  A massage is also a great kick off to a vacation, peeling away that initial layer of stress and helping you forget about your stress and enjoy your well deserved time off.

Be well,  Gina Tibbs

Self Deep Tissue Massage

Dear valued customers and clients,  We have an upcoming foam roller class coming up at Sports Basement in Walnut Creek.  You will need a 3 foot 6″ foam roller and a mat.  If you don’t have these you can purchase them before.  We will be meeting at 6:00 on April 7th.  I’m encourging participants to contact me prior to our meet up and let me know what they would like to focus on that night.  I hope you are well and I’ll see you there.

Best, Gina Tibbs

Researching the effects of massage

In preparation for my upcoming classes, I always scour various publications geared towards massage professionals for relevant articles to the current subject we’ll be covering.  In the past year one statistic that I come across often is the fact that the massage therapy industry is still growing even during this economy.  There is so much research being done on the effectiveness of massage therapy from the body as a whole to the smallest of individual muscles.  From sports injuries and surgery recovery to boosting the immune system and stress reduction, misconceptions about massage therapy are being busted and claims of the benefits of massage are being validated.  Here is a link to a recent article about muscle soreness from activity if you’re interested.  Enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Be well,

Gina Tibbs