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Gina Tibbs

Owner Loosenup Bodywork / HHP, Instructor / Therapist / Massage Therapy Practitioner

Gina Tibbs, HHP, Instructor / Therapist, is the founder of Loosen up Bodywork. Gina was drawn to this profession after struggling to find permanent solutions for musculoskeletal issues of her own. She has made it her mission is to help people understand how to work with their body to alleviate and avoid acute and chronic pain. She has over 15 years of experience in manual and massage therapies. Her passion is to teach, always learn more and to empower her clients and students with new and old techniques for healing every day.

Gina has worked with wellness centers, day spas, yoga centers, and massage schools. “My goal as a massage therapist is to assist my clients in opening tight, restricted, and overworked muscles to bring balance to the body. I am also a corrective exercise specialist and enjoy developing exercise plans for clients to strengthen and stabilize their bodies.”

A contributor and thought leader in the field of pain relief through manual and therapeutic massage technique, she has instructed and trained hundreds of fellow practitioners. As a licensed massage therapist, she takes great delight in not only alleviating pain and inducing a relaxed state for her clients but also in ongoing education on self-care and self-healing.

Placing a great deal of emphasis on continuing education for herself and her staff, Loosen Up Bodywork is able to empower its clients to live balanced lives that emphasize healing and recovery from stress.

Specialties: NeuroMuscular Therapy and Prenatal massage and Postnatal massage.

Michael Cuglietta

CMT / Lead Therapist

Michael found massage through his own athletic endeavors competing in track and field and trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials in 1996. During this time he discovered the benefits of receiving massage for improving performance and for preventing injuries. Michael is a USATF certificated coach and works with two local high school teams as well as amateur runners needing help with training plans.

Michael is also a Sports/DT Massage Instructor and has considerable knowledge of anatomy and muscle function. He is happy to explain techniques and very helpful in understanding the path to take for better muscle function. Being a running coach and having worked in shoe retail as well, he is able to analyze gait and give advice on running shoes and equipment.

“Massage is an important part of one‘s routine for peak performance. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a pro athlete, none of us want to suffer through an injury and/or be sidelined from our activity. Reaching for the best range-of-motion and the ability to rely on your muscles’ full capacity will save your body, mind and spirit.”

Chris Cordova

CMT / Therapist

Chris is an avid runner which enhances her thorough knowledge of how various muscles are affected by specific repetitive movements. She took her training at National Holistic Institute and understands that maintaining health is more than just eating right and being active. Her active lifestyle reflects her passion for whole body balance.
As a part of the Loosen Up Bodywork community, she in an integral part of a team that strives for a higher level of whole body balance.
Chris notes, “I am available to anyone wanting to explore their own muscular condition and to help facilitate more muscle awareness. My goal is always to help clients alleviate muscle tension pain by communicating clearly and paying close attention to muscle cell feedback.”

Aimee Lee Kupcak

CMT / Therapist

Aimee’s primary education came from a 1,000-hour program at the Boulder College of Massage, as well as a 110-hour Lymphatic Drainage program at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2006 and 48 hours of training through the Chikly Institute in 2007.

While working at Saint Anthony’s level one trauma hospital in Denver Colorado, Aimee realized the specialized training needed to work with oncology patients and acute care in general, was lacking from her education. So, in 2011 she completed a 110-hour oncology program at The Colorado School of Healing Arts which included an internship at Porter Adventist Hospital (Denver Colorado) on the medical floor, radiation, chemotherapy, and an internship at Hospice of Saint John (Lakewood Colorado).

Aimee specializes in treating clients with acute and chronic pain, muscular dysfunction and post-surgical recovery. Some of these issues include; whiplash, sciatica, repetitive stress injuries, migraines, and cosmetic/joint replacement recovery. She has helped thousands to eliminate pain and inflammation, restore muscular function, increase range of motion and decrease fatigue.

Ken Brooks

CMT / Therapist

The body is a combination of many moving parts, systems and tissues working in unison. It’s what keeps us going and, unfortunately, what ends up causing us pain and discomfort from time to time.

As an avid biker and half-marathoner, Ken knows how powerful touch can be in healing the body. For him, massage addresses and alleviates the aches and pains he sometimes suffers from—sore muscles, stress and fatigue—that come with sports-related activities and everyday movements.

As a massage therapist, Ken acknowledges these types of issues related to the physical body. In addition, he pays particular attention to the mind and spirit, two very important pieces of the human puzzle. Aligning and balancing all three is key.

Ken uses thoughtfully orchestrated strokes that help relieve stress and tension while restoring calmness. He combines techniques from Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu during his sessions. As he works, he also listens with his hands to help assess what might work best for his client at that moment. He ends each session with gentle touch points on the scalp and face as well as a full-body final balancing.
His intent is that each client leave feeling much better than when he or she arrived, and that he has addressed any issues he or she may have had coming in.


CMT / Therapist

Kristina is a stellar communicator which makes her an extremely effective massage therapist.  At first meeting you can see her enthusiasm to figure out how to get her clients results.  Her work can be focused and strong but she knows how to dial it back for tender tissue.  She is also well versed in stretching for our more athletic clients.

Rachel Wong

CMT / Therapist

Rachel Wong is grounded and mindful, as is her touch. A graduate of the National Holistic Institute’s 1350-hour Massage Therapist Certification Program and Advanced Neuromuscular Program, she specializes in soft tissue therapy designed to relieve pain and return injured tissues to normal function. Specific, targeted soft tissue treatment, flexibility stretching and self-care eliminate the causes of most muscular aches and pains. Rachel is also adept at using her intuitive skills and knowledge of anatomy to find and release trigger points and help clients to achieve greater flexibility and strength, increased ease and efficiency of movement, improved posture, and increase energy and vitality. Her massage incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy and Sports massage.

Marcial Castillo

CMT / Therapist

Modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Esalen, Shamanic and Curanderismo.
Marcial comes to us with a wonderful, wide-ranging mix of knowledge from Western and Eastern massage modalities as well as Native/Latin American Shamanic healing arts. Marcial found massage through his mentors learning the art of Esalen massage. He has lectured at UC Berkeley and the University of Northridge on his experience combining energy work with massage. After an injury to his own back, Marcial began to study ways to heal soft tissue.
He found Mckinnon Massage in Oakland and began specializing in deep tissue and sports massage.
Marcial knew he was meant to work with people and the body and utilizes multiple techniques from all such modalities to bring balance back to “you” your body.

Janel Sanchez

CMT / Therapist

Janel graduated from McKinnon Body Center in Oakland, with training in Deep Tissue, Clinical Deep Tissue, Myofascial cupping , Myofascial release, Pre-natal and Touch and Trauma. Her journey into the massage world started out with learning to deal with her own chronic pain. Massage gave a relief that other techniques could not provide, making her want to give others the same feeling. Seeing each person as an individual is key to creating trust and setting the framework for better results. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she enjoys spending time near the water. In her spare time she can be found making crafts, salsa dancing, drawing portraits, or out at karaoke.


CMT / Therapist

Mitch is a recent graduate of National Holistic Institute’s advanced neuromuscular therapy program, with a strong background in sports and clinical massage. He uses training in a variety of western and eastern modalities to bring an integrated massage approach. His own experiences with injury and chronic pain played a large role in his decision to pursue massage therapy. His healing journey gave him valuable insights into the steps to be taken in coming out of pain, and he effectively applies this knowledge for his clients when performing bodywork. He is always seeking new ways to hone his craft and is highly passionate about easing people’s pain. In his free time, he enjoys Muay Thai, bouldering, and hiking.

Nathan LeBlanc

CMT / Therapist

Nathan’s journey to bodywork and healing modalities has been many years in the making. Since a child, he has had a strong connection to Yogic sciences and participated in a Yoga Teacher Training in 2013. The experiences he gained from that training opened his eyes to the possibility that the body can heal itself. Nathan then graduated from the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, CA in 2016 with specializations in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration (SI) and Somato-Emotional Integration. Under the tutelage of Rolfer Emeritus, Edward Maupin, Nathan has worked with SI students in Japan on two separate occasions. As a result of assisting these classes, he was shown that the healing effects of SI can transcend culture and language. Over the past two years, Nathan has also worked extensively with a wide range of clients in both private practice and a clinical chiropractic office.

Nathan provides insight into his client’s foundational body movements by analyzing their gait and posture. Through these analyses, he is able to educate his clients about their movements and introduce them to a new realm of effortless motion that works harmoniously with gravity. Creating a sense of grace within gravity is the primary intention of Structural Integration. Clients experience relief from pain, greater ease of movement, and an enhanced awareness of tension patterns within their body. Nathan’s goal with each session is to collaborate with his clients to achieve improved health and balance through awareness.

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