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In The Hours After Your Massage

After your massage you may notice profound changes in your…

How to get the most out of your massage

To get the most out of your massage, practice these self-care…

Tips to Save Your Neck & Shoulders

If you have pain or discomfort in your neck and shoulders, try…

What should I expect from a massage?

Often clients come in for massage therapy seeking relief…

Low back pain relief with the foam roller

“Our last meet up was such a hit that Sports Basement wants…

Get what you pay for

Have you ever tried out a destination spa while on vacation or…

Self Deep Tissue Massage

Dear valued customers and clients,  We have an upcoming foam…

Researching the effects of massage

From sports injuries and surgery recovery to boosting the immune system and stress reduction, misconceptions about massage therapy are being busted and claims of the benefits of massage are being validated.

Reiki Classes

Start this year off with a new modality to add to your menu of…

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