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Relieve Chronic Foot Pain with Massage Therapy

I am constantly amazed by the results and accomplishments our clients make. From triathlons and other athletic achievements to just gaining a little more range of motion after being in pain for years. Pushing our bodies past their current comfort zone with exercise, massage, or stretching is never easy. It challenges us emotionally, physically, and […]

10 More Stress Busters

  Last week, we listed 20 Stress Management techniques you can do in between massage sessions. Here are 10 more to try: 1. Play racquetball or tennis. 2. Take a nap, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. 3. Take your breaks at work. Get outside or do simple stretches for 10 minutes. 4. Laugh. […]

20 Stress Busters

  Get more of out your massage by managing your stress in between sessions. Here are 20 ideas for you to try: 1. Set aside time to talk to your family and friends about your concerns. 2. Practice focused relaxation. Sit comfortably, noticing where you feel discomfort. Breathe slowly into these areas. 3. Make a […]