How to Use an Ice Pack

How to Use an Ice Pack for PainAre you experiencing muscle pain, sprain or swelling? Cold therapy can be an effective way used to reduce pain & swelling.  Here are some tips to use a cold pack, safely:


  • Very cold applications, such as ice packs, should be used briefly on localized areas, like inflammation, swelling or sprains.


  • Use for 20-30 minutes on the injury followed by 15-20 minutes off.


  • This therapy works best when used frequently within the first 24 hours of an injury.


  • Always use a cloth between your skin and ice.


  • NOTE: If a joint or limb seems deformed or you can’t bear weight or otherwise use it normally after hours, contact your physician.


Source: Take Care of Yourself: The Complete guide to Medical Self-Care, Donald Vickery, MD, and James Fries, MD.


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