3 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

Pleasant Hill Massage for StressWe all have felt the effects of stress: strong emotions, tense muscles, increased blood pressure. Maybe it’s financial issues, a family member was ill or you were in a car accident that caused the stress.

Other times, it’s every day activities like traffic, construction noise outside your home, deadlines at work, or other daily challenges. We may not consider daily situations as crises, our bodies can react the same way to stress.

Muscle tension is one of the symptoms we experience when we’re stressed. Your shoulders and neck feels tight. Maybe your jaw feels tense & get a headache.

So what can you do to reduce the stress of everyday activities?

  1. Go outside.

    Sunlight & fresh air can lift your spirits.

  2. Before you go to sleep, write out your to-do list or journal.

    Do you have trouble going to sleep at night? Writing out all of your thoughts before bedtime can calm the mind & help you get a good night’s sleep.

  3. Get a massage.

    Massage is proven to decrease muscle tension, increase blood circulation and decreases insomnia. Massage triggers the relaxation response, which is exactly what’s needed when you’re experience a stressful time.

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