Pain, Activity, and Treatment Log

back pain

The purpose of tracking pain and other symptoms is to better understand the pattern of your symptoms and the results of your activities, such as pain and stress.

Things you can track that you may find helpful are:treatment sessions and effects, pain levels, mood changes, what causes you stress, and what helps you feel better.

This will get you started tracking your symptoms. Complete it once a week for 3 or 4 weeks in a row. Then compare and share the results with your massage therapist and any other practitioners who you are seeing for pain reduction.

1. Draw a simple picture of a body figure and mark where you feel pain now and/or have felt pain since your last massage.

2. Do you often feel pain in this area?

3. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate your pain? (One is no pain, ten is extreme pain.)

4. How do you describe your pain (dull, nagging, driving, pins and needles, stabbing, etc.)?

5. What activities bring on pain?

6. What have you noticed reduces your pain?

7. What other kinds of stress or discomfort are you feeling?

8. What have you noticed makes your symptoms worse/better?

9. Was your pain and stress significantly better after your last massage session?

10. What has your activity level been since the last massage?

11. How do you feel after exercising?

12. How do you feel after working?

13. What other types of treatment have you had for your pain/stress since your last massage? Did they help?

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